You can find most of my publications and the related material below. The most up-to-date list is on my Google Scholar profile.


Tool Extension in Human–Computer Interaction

Bergstrom, J., Mottelson, A., Muresan, A., Hornbæk, K.

Proceedings of CHI 2019



It's a Wrap: Mapping On-Skin Input to Off-Skin Displays

Bergstrom-Lehtovirta, J., Hornbæk, K., Boring, S.

Proceedings of CHI 2018

I Really did That: Sense of Agency with Touchpad, Keyboard, and On-skin Interaction

Bergstrom-Lehtovirta, J., Coyle, D., Knibbe, J., Hornbæk, K.

Proceedings of CHI 2018


Placing and Recalling Virtual Items on the Skin

Bergstrom-Lehtovirta, J., Boring, S., Hornbæk, K.

Proceedings of CHI 2017

On-Skin Interaction Using Body Landmarks

Steimle, J., Bergstrom-Lehtovirta, J., Weigel, M., Nittala, A.S., Boring, S., Olwal, A., and Hornbæk, K.

IEEE Computer, 2017


Modeling the Functional Area of the Thumb on Mobile Touchscreen Surfaces

Bergstrom-Lehtovirta, J., and Oulasvirta, A.

Proceedings of CHI 2014


BubblesDial: exploring large display content graphs on small devices

Bergstrom-Lehtovirta, J., Eklund, T., Jylhä, A., Kuikkaniemi, K., An, C., and Jacucci, G.

Proceedings of MUM 2013


Shaking the Dead: Multimodal Location Based Experiences for Un-Stewarded Archaeological Sites

McGookin D., Vazquez-Alvarez, Y., Brewster, S.A., and Bergström-Lehtovirta, J.

Proceedings of NordiCHI 2012


The Effects of Walking Speed on Target Acquisition on a Touchscreen Interface

Bergstrom-Lehtovirta, J., Oulasvirta, A., & Brewster, S.A.

Proceedings of MobileHCI 2011

*Best paper award*

Ease of juggling: Studying the effects of manual multitasking

Oulasvirta, A., Bergstrom-Lehtovirta, J.

Proceedings of CHI 2011

*Best paper award*


A simple index for multimodal flexibility

Oulasvirta, A., and Bergstrom-Lehtovirta, J.

Proceedings of CHI 2010

A comparative field study of four crane control interfaces

Bergström-Lehtovirta, J., Suomalainen, T., Rämänen, J., Oulasvirta, A., & Kujala, T.

ECCE 2009